Titleist Performance Institute Certified

Peter Erickson is “Titleist Performance Institute Certified” to help you with your golf health, fitness and biomechanics. He will work with you and your pro to help make golf as enjoyable as it should be!! For more information contact Pete Erickson and visit the TPI website at

Scott Johnson works as a massage therapist.  He utilizes multiple techniques including deep tissue, myofascial release, muscle energy and active release to optimize movement for work or recreational activities.  

We are trained to provide physical therapy services for patients ranging from 4 years old to 91+ years old.  Our recent focus has been in the area of concussion.  We have worked closely with our high school athletic trainers to help athletes return to play if they are having prolonged symptoms.  Through our detailed patient history, as well as our exam of the balance and ocular system, we are able to develop a plan for the athlete to return to play more quickly.  Interestingly, most concussions occur outside of sports, so we help those recovering from concussions sustained after car accidents or falls.  Some of our other services are listed below.

  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy
  • Spine Physical Therapy
  • Concussions
  • Sports Physical Therapy
  • Post surgical Rehab
  • Fall prevention
  • Sports training
  • Pneufast training
  • Pediatric Physical Therapy
  • Shoulder rehab
  • Total joint replacement rehab
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Core strengthening
  • Plantarfasciitis
  • Headaches
  • Tennis elbow
  • ACL reconstruction rehab
  • Return to work
  • On the job injuries
  • Balance retraining
  • Gym programs