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One thing I hate is biographies written in the third person!  So I want to tell you a little bit about myself to dispel any apprehension you might have in coming to physical therapy and that would prevent you from having the best physical therapy experience you have ever had in your life!

The question I most get is “You guys are brothers?” (See Jon Erickson bio).  At 6’3” I am the shortest male in my family although I have the dubious distinction of being the oldest and heaviest (I am not sharing my weight in a public forum!)  I grew up in the Northwest and although I spent some wonderful years in Utah, Idaho and Brazil, the northwest is home and I had to come back.

I attended Brigham Young University for my undergraduate work and went to Idaho State for my Masters Degree in Physical Therapy. I graduated from Idaho State in 1994 and have been working as a Therapist since then.   I have since sat for and passed the Orthopedic Specialty Exam offered by the American Physical Therapy Association as well as the specialty exam for the McKenzie Mechanical Evaluation and Treatment of the Spine.  This probably doesn’t mean much to you but it helps me understand your body better and how I can help you.

I played baseball for 3 years while at Brigham Young University which is where I really developed an interest in Human Performance and Sports Medicine. Since then I have broken my back, herniated a lumbar disc, broken my hand and wrist, broke both ankles, suffered a concussion, tore my MCL (knee), have had countless stitches and tore a rotator cuff.  Needless to say I have felt most of the pains that I treat and can in all honesty say “I feel your pain”.

I am married to a wonderful young lady from Idaho, have three smelly (but fun) boys and a great daughter.  We don’t have a dog (yet) but we do have a cat.  I volunteer a lot of time to the Boy Scouts of America, my church, as a coach for baseball and basketball, and many other civic and community programs.  I love golf, playing basketball, hanging out with my family, golf, working, golf, watching my kids play ball and golf.  Actually, there’s not much I don’t like doing!

Hope to see you soon – you won’t regret it!