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Rather than bore you with a biography, I am going to answer the questions I most commonly get:

Yes, I am very tall.  6’7” in fact.

I did go to a strange school for a guy.  Texas Women’s University has been accepting men since 1972, but since the school has a good reputation they kept the female oriented name.  I was at the Houston graduate campus, right in the middle of the Texas Medical Center.  My wife and I are both from the Seattle region and were married while earning our undergraduate degrees at BYU. We then went through the physical therapy program at TWU together.  Texas is full of wonderful people, great food, and wonderful memories, but it is way too hot for me.

I went into physical therapy for a variety of reasons.  I was injured a few times in school sports, and physical therapy worked wonders for me.  I have two older brothers, one who was going into physical therapy and one who was becoming a medical doctor.  After talking to them physical therapy seemed like the best fit for what I wanted in life.  It would allow me to have a good job where I could help and spend time with people, but it would not take over my life at the expense of family.  My brother and I talked about how cool it would be if we went into business together.  I never dreamed I would be lucky enough for that to actually happen!

I like to do all sorts of things.  My list of hobbies includes some “potential” things I have done and enjoyed, but just do not have the time to spend real time on.  My number one pastime is spending time with my wife and 4 kids.  After that, in no particular order, I like to fly fish, hike, golf, bike, rock climb, garden, snowshoe, raise chickens, play basketball, woodwork, play rugby, and read.